Want to master your business without enrolling in business school?

DMKompass, Inc. provides relevant, learner-friendly and virtue-centric business education and learning programs. Our short courses and seminars focus on effective learning that can be promptly implemented, regardless of your line of work.

An MBA Teaser

Are you looking to take an MBA, but are short on time or resources? Our Certified Professional Manager (CPM) program has the essentials covered.

Customize Your Curriculum

No time for a full course? No problem – choose individual seminars to tailor your learning to your specific needs.

Immediately Put Your Learning to Work

Our focus on practical lessons ensures you’ll quickly see how they apply to your business.

Broaden Your Connections

All our courses and seminars provide you with opportunities to network with alumni and current participants.

Calendar Schedules

To get started, visit our course list and seminar schedule for details.