Three Online Marketing Myths That Won’t Grow Your Business

According to The Internet Retailer, more than USD 300 billion was spent online in 2014. Having an online presence is the first step to earning wealth online. But you have to convince leads why they should do business with you. Three Online Marketing Myths That Won’t Grow Your Business There are many Online Marketing strategies that won’t grow your business. [...]

Roll-out ready The business launch checklist

After coming up with a business idea, the next step is, of course, to start selling or offering the service to customers. This involves capital, which you may or may not possess on the onset. So to prevent mishaps, preparation is required. This guide is for those who are already set on their business idea and are ready to take [...]

Three Steps To Better Business Ideas

The prevailing thought nowadays is that being an entrepreneur is a guaranteed way to escape the rat race and join the one percent. This gospel is further spread by financial gurus whose followers range from middle-class clock punchers to retiring OFWs in the hopes of finding the silver bullet to a passive source of limitless income. Except it is not [...]

Service Before Selling: Transforming Brands Into Icons

All businesses should strive to make their brand to be well-loved, not just well-known. Just because we know McDonald’s doesn’t mean we buy their products every day. For a brand to be well-loved, its mission for doing business must transcend its utilitarian relationship with its customers. A brand’s transformation into an icon doesn’t start from its Marketing, Advertising, and Public [...]

Rules for Job Interview Questions

Some of the long-held ideas about how to conduct job interviews are no longer accurate there’s no such thing as a surprise question anymore. Candidates can use the Internet to identify and prepare for each of your likely interview questions ahead of time. Google’s research proves that “brainteaser questions” can contribute to a costly miss-hire. Having candidates meet more than [...]

The Philippines’ New Tax Reform: Your Ultimate Guide

“Taxes are the price we pay for civilization,” U.S. Supreme Court Justice Oliver Wendell Holmes Jr. said. While the word ‘tax’, typically repulses most people, it affects every citizen. Taxes are the lifeblood of every government – vital to a county’s economic growth and improvement. With an outdated tax system that was adopted 20 years ago, a drastic redesign of [...]