*February 27 & 28, 2020 | Thursday & Friday
*August 7 & 8, 2020 | Friday – Saturday
8:00 AM – 4:00 PM
Project T Solutions Bonifacio Global City Taguig, Philippines

You are not an Accountant, yet you are in BUSINESS and you want to protect and improve your CASH FLOW what will you do?


Ever wondered if you’re really earning? Or is your benchmark is just your available cash? Do you know when to start expanding, buy equipment, hire more employees?

In business, we have to be aware of the financial health of the company. That’s why A GOOD WORKING KNOWLEDGE OF ACCOUNTING is important. Understanding the Financial Statement is non-negotiable for all Bosses!

This DMK Business and Money Series aims to teach you Accounting, Finance, Tax, Audit, Budgets, Process and Cash Flow in SIMPLE TERMS…enough for you to have a good working knowledge to run your Business.

At DMK, we help you understand the financials of your business so you can make informed and correct decisions.

TOPIC 1: Understanding Financial Statement: Balance Sheet (Financial Position)
  • Accounting: the Language of Business
  • First Things First – Accounting Concepts and Principles (part I)
  • Accounting and Ethics – Do the Right Thing Always!
  • Types of Business Organization
  • Accounting Equation: Assets = Liability + Equity
  • Analyze Business Transaction Workshop
  • Practice Makes Perfect
TOPIC 2: Understanding Financial Statement: Income Statement (Profit and Loss)
  • First Things First: Accounting Concepts and Principles (part II)
  • The Account, the Ledger, and the Journal
  • My Cash, My Receivables, My Payables
  • Bad Debits or Good Credits, Which is best?
  • I Want to be Big: Understanding Stockholders’ Equity, Paid Up Capital and Retained Earnings
  • The Correct Accounting: Double Entry Accounting
  • Expanding the Accounting Equation: Revenues and Expenses
  • Analyze Business Transaction Workshop
  • Practice Makes Perfect: How Much is the Income?
TOPIC 3: Factors Affecting Balance Sheet and Income Statement Relevant to BIR and other Institutions: MEASURING YOUR REAL INCOME
  • Tax Compliance Requirement: Trial Balance
  • Which is correct? Cash Accounting or Accrual Accounting
  • Adjusting Entries (It is legal to adjust the books but not the cash!)
  • Prepaid Rent, Prepaid Expenses
  • Schedule of Assets: Lapsing Schedule, Depreciation, Tax savings!
  • Expenses booked for the month but paid the following month? Accrued Expenses
  • Already paid but no delivery yet – Unearned Revenue
  • Accrued Revenue is your Receivable
  • Check your Inventories and Supplies! Favorite of thieves
  • Congratulations! Adjusted Trial Balance is Correct for FS
  • Workshop
TOPIC 4: BIR Books of Accounts: Manual and Computerized
  • My Business is Buy and Sell: What are my Trading Concerns?
  • My Business is Manufacturing: How to understand my Income Statement?
  • Business Special Journals: Requirements of Mr. BIR
    • Cash Receipts Book
    • Cash Disbursements Book
    • Sales Book
    • Purchases Book
    • General Ledger
    • General Journal
    • Subsidiary Ledger
  • Workshop