Service Before Selling: Transforming Brands Into Icons

All businesses should strive to make their brand to be well-loved, not just well-known. Just because we know McDonald’s doesn’t mean we buy their products every day.

For a brand to be well-loved, its mission for doing business must transcend its utilitarian relationship with its customers. A brand’s transformation into an icon doesn’t start from its Marketing, Advertising, and Public Relations but from its business philosophy and mission. The sales that the largest brands earn are the results of how well they understand their brand’s philosophy and accomplish its mission.

Alibaba, the world’s largest e-commerce website for businesses, is well-loved because Jack Ma and his team are committed to help connect SMEs with global customers. SMEs with few business relationships love Alibaba because the website connects them with the global market. They love Alibaba because they find new opportunities to buy supplies and retail products. Both buyers and sellers love Alibaba because the website grows everyone’s business.

Women love Bobbi Brown Cosmetics, an iconic multi-billion dollar global cosmetics company that transformed how women perceive themselves with make-up. It’s secret to success? Founder Bobbi Brown’s mission empowers women to love themselves for who they are. Bobbi Brown’s make-up line does not disguise women’s flaws. It enhances women’s natural beauty, no matter their age, ethnicity, and occasion.

What is you brand’s philosophy mission for doing business? Does it transcend mere selling to customers? What human value or need does your brand serve?


Sean General is the Associate Editor of, an online media company that features motivational and inspiring news and stories. He spent his formative years in Marketing Communications at Grupo Agatep (formerly known as Agatep Associates), the one of the largest PR firms in the Philippines. He is also a Certified Professional Manager (CPM) alumni.