Three Online Marketing Myths That Won’t Grow Your Business

According to The Internet Retailer, more than USD 300 billion was spent online in 2014. Having an online presence is the first step to earning wealth online. But you have to convince leads why they should do business with you.

Three Online Marketing Myths That Won’t Grow Your Business

There are many Online Marketing strategies that won’t grow your business. Here are three myths that aren’t enough to grow your business. These must be part of a holistic Digital Marketing plan.

1. “Social media is the best form of marketing.”

Social media organically reaches large and engaged audiences. However, gone are the days of the free ride on social media.

As publicly owned companies, most major social media platforms charge for ad space. Paid advertising is the only way to reach more people because social media’s organic reach is low.

A better alternative is email marketing. Your website and email list are your community. These are where you can most likely close the sale.

2. “Add anyone you’ve interacted with to your email list.”

Adding anyone you’ve interacted with to your email list is a terrible strategy.

Customers buy from someone they know, like and trust. People should chose to subscribe to your email list because this implies that they are interested in your business’ offer.

3. “Try to reach people who aren’t interested.”

Before, professionals made cold calls and door-to-door visits for new business. In the digital age, businesses send cold emails and spam Facebook feeds and groups.

Stop trying to reach people who aren’t interested. Remember, prospects must get to know you first before they spend money. Instead, grow your website’s audience and gain their trust.

As social media and the Internet grow, more opportunities will come to establish your reputation as a trustworthy business. You’ll earn more in the long run.

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Kimanzi Constable is a former bread delivery guy who self-published two books that have sold more than 82,000 copies. He is a published author, international speaker, life and business coach. His mission is to help men and women live life by their own design and create true freedom in life. Join him at